5 Steps to Follow in Establishing Your Business Credit

Getting funds for the business is one of the most crucial things about business. Especially for businesses that require a quite large amount of money. For businesses like this, the business credit exists.

A business credit is simply a business’s financial information which helps financial  institutions to determine if that particular business is worthy of being lent money to. At reviewsbird.co.uk , you would find first hand stories of people who took their businesses to higher feats, all thanks to good business credits. People share varying opinions on getting a loan. Some see it as one scary thing that could make you wake up to loan sharks in the morning.  But no, that’s not how business credits work.

Below are six steps to follow in establishing your credit business:

1. Incorporate your business:

This simply means to make your business a sole company, a limited liability company and so on. This is a great determinant of how the bank would regard you and your business. For sole proprietorship, the business owner and the business are regarded as a single entity while the others are regarded as separate individuals.

2. Get a federal tax identification number:

This number is what you would be needing for almost all of your business transactions and forms. And most importantly for businesses that are not sole proprietorship. Not owning this takes away the validity of your business credit report.

3. Get a bank account  and phone number:

These two should be just in use by the business. Building a business credit becomes messy when they meddle with private affairs outside business. Using your personal account and phone number for this is highly disrespectful and devoid of organisation. Getting separate phone numbers for the both of them will go a long way to ensure the smooth running of things.

4. Credit card and file:

Getting a separate credit card for your business and keeping a strict record file is commendable and also a great way to stand out from the large number of people that apply for loans.

5. Pay your bills on time:

This may sound funny to you, but it isn’t at all. This issue of people borrowing and paying back way past the agreed time is an embarrassing thing to see as much as it is unprofessional.  Some people go as far as trying to move to where they wouldn’t be found. The most stupid thing to do. They do this forgetting that credibility and the voices of the people it concerned said something.


After going through all these steps, we are sure you have seen business credit for the way it is in all its glory. Not everyone who applies for a loan gets it. You know, a lot of things like collateral and the worth of the individual applying for the loan are usually considered.  Also, no one would love to give loans to the wrong person who ends up squandering it. We hope this article helps you as you establish your own business credit.