Experiencing Your Poshmark Sales Down In 2020? Read This!

Are you a professional Poshmark seller who is now experiencing that his sales are slightly declining so, there must be something wrong. Probably, the following are the reasons behind why your Poshmark sales are down in 2020, and how you can avoid the situation to get back again on the track of more sales.

Your Pricing is too high:

Go through your items and review their pricing, they must be high and is not attracted to buyers anymore. Visit other’s closets of the same item and review their pricing, they must be selling it at a lesser price than you that’s why the buyers are not coming to you but, to them. So, price your items fairly.

Images Must be Blurry:

The second possible reason for not having sales can be the blurry image of items. Sometimes, the seller has just one picture of the item which is also not clear enough so, it also drives the buyer away. Not everyone has enough patience to ask for more images. So, make sure that your images are clear and is showing each and every detail of the item.

Not Replying to Customers:

Not replying to the question of buyers seems that the seller is inactive or not concerned about the buyers. The questions of customers are shown below the listing and if you actively reply to them, the buyer who has the same query will be satisfied.

High Shipping Cost:

The main reason behind less number of sales can be the high shipping cost. Even if a buyer likes something to buy, high shipping costs will discourage him from buying. So, offer a bundle discount feature that minimizes the cost of shipping by enabling the buyer to buy multiple items from one closet, only by paying one shipping price.

So What To Do To Make Your Sales Up?

A Poshmark bot is all you need to reduce loads of work on the seller. Tools like the Poshmark pro tools can automate the self as well as community sharing which will help you in increasing followers and ultimately more sales. It will also keep your items at the top of the buyer’s feed so, that your items will be viewed first by the buyer and probably he will like it and buy. This helps you in saving much time because you don’t have to do anything manually, just you have to set the bot and leave the rest to it.

Not Sharing Your Listing:

Poshmark enables the seller to share listing as often as he can. When you share less your interaction with the customers is decreased and this could be the reason why you are not having enough sales. So, share your listing as much as you can and share other’s listing too to have more followers.

Your Listing is Not Proper:

It could also be a reason behind fewer sales that you are not naming and describing your items properly. Many sellers just add the name of the item and do not describe the brand name, the style name, this makes listing boring. Give a detailed description so, that the buyer can have more confidence in what he is buying.