Perencanaan Usaha (Business Plan) (2)

Alamat Perusahaan : Jl. Berdikari no.10 Padang bulan, Medan. But more significant may be the impact of the development of required new human conceptual/contextual intelligence for quantum computing/inventions – expanding creative intelligence to innovate, invent, experiment, and research far beyond common societal perceptions of reality; common cultural concepts; the current ability to imagine a visible reality.

Capital Bubble Tea Cafe will continue to use publicity as a key component of the marketing the third year, Capital Bubble Tea Cafe will increase its advertising and promotion budget to $80,000, with the majority of the advertising budget being spent on drive timeradio.Sales StrategyThere will be several sales strategies put into place, including posting specials on high- profit items at the window.

The wide range of our contacts & relationships mean we will open a bubble tea cafewith minimal investment ensuring we get the biggest bang for our buck.A bubble tea cafe is not labor intensive, is simple to operate and does not necessitate thatthe owner be on plan

Microbeads were added to most body care products (filling our water, food, bodies with more plastic toxins) – which are now being TAKEN OUT of body care products because they’re precipitously entering all water/food systems (we’re eating toxic plastic microbeads), let enterprising, future-leader global #Entrepreneurs find solutions before things are out of hand, thinking about how to solve them before the problems occur.

Rumput Gracilaria tambak biasanya berwarna hijau gelap, kehijauan sampai keputih-putihan agak kusam, talus kecil dan panjang sehingga sering disebut bulu kambing, cukup kering (kasar) atau agak lembab, dan biasanya hanya sedikit tercampur kotoran (tanah, lumpur, pasir, benda asing lain).