Master Of International Business

Get a global perspective on finance, marketing, operations, economics, and strategy with a new kind of Masters degree. As U.S. firms expand their businesses abroad, many will need employees who have degrees in international business to advise them on legal matters of specific regions and countries, to direct organizational administrative issues, to supervise mergers, and to provide analytical data from marketing research. As such, it’s imperative that these companies hire candidates with massive international business expertise. When one talks about international business, it simply connotes business dealings between two countries. Sufficient English language skills are also required for degree programmes conducted in English.

So dana (generosity) was a central value that motivated the founders of the business – the altruistic aim of raising funds to establish the infrastructure of a new Buddhist Movement. The viewpoint of a country, the reasons for and the welfare effects of international trade and trade policies such as tariffs and export subsidies. This program will prepare you to meet the needs of the ever-evolving business community.

Without an appreciation of international business etiquette, these things would never be known. There is an increasing amount of demand for business people with an education in International Business. Development of general environmental framework for international business studies by drawing on international and development economics, research into government-business relations and studies in comparative socio-cultural systems and political systems.

Our teaching is industry-led, inspired by contemporary practice and developed in partnership with business leaders. You’ll find academic and professional staff involved in the delivery of your BSc International Business degree here at Birmingham located in University House. Initially the business was set up to raise money for projects within the Triratna Community (then the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order). The program will also include basic courses that address the economic aspect of business

You’ll be ready to work on the international business arena, focusing on the difficulties faced by international and global markets. As you travel around the world various different countries and business communities have various different business principles. Studying abroad is an integral part of the degree course in Modern Languages – and usually takes place in Year 4. Students who choose to study in France, Spain or Italy are eligible for an Erasmus and grant to help minimise the extra costs of living abroad. Facilities include the David Lam Management Research Library and the Business Career Centre.